Traveling Tips for Techies


Traveling Tips for Techies

Technology and traveling often don’t mix well, but there are some ways stay connected and fuel your gadget obsession while on the move. Here are our top tips:


Travelers who want to access the web need to ensure that their gadgets offer the necessary connectivity specifications. Wi-Fi will be useful, as many hotels, restaurants, airports offer free wireless internet. Smartphones and tablets tend to have this functionality, but cameras often don’t. Getting a camera with a Wi-Fi adaptor built in could allow you to share photos of your trip on social networks.

For even more freedom, look out for devices that can connect to mobile data networks.

However, remember that you will need to change the SIM card according to your destination in order to avoid hefty international usage charges. Ofcom has a useful guide explaining how to evade data charges when away from home.


You need to make sure that you can charge your devices while abroad, so you may have to invest in a plug adaptor. Go for a high-quality product to reduce the risk of inefficient or unsafe charging. Of course, you could also purchase a mains charger with the necessary pin connector – go for an official accessory to best protect your gadget.

When purchasing electrical devices, check out reviews to ensure you avoid those with poor battery life.

Because you may have to go longer between charges when traveling, it might be worth buying a spare battery and a portable power pack so that you have backup when you run out of juice. A solar charger could be the most convenient and environmentally-friendly option.


Gadgets are often expensive pieces of kit, so you need to make sure that they’re secure when you’re on the move. While traveling, it is easy for luggage to be knocked and dropped – you need to invest in robust cases that will protect everything, including your laptop, camera and smartphone. Viking stocks accessories compatible with its tablet computers range, as well as cases for e-readers and more.

If you are jetting off, it is often recommended that you keep expensive and fragile items in your hand baggage, rather than checking them in. Keeping a small padlock on these bags is also a good tactic for deterring potential thieves, although you must be prepared to take laptops and other devices out for inspection at the security gates.

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