Seeking the Hidden Side of Cyprus


Seeking the Hidden Side of Cyprus

Cyprus is known for its sand and sea, its eclectic mix of restaurants and cocktail bars and the numerous bustling beach resorts. There are some awesome Cyprus holidays to be found and there is another ‘Secret Cyprus’ waiting to be explored. Best off all, you can experience both — when you tire of playing in the sea and the pool (if that is possible), an easy day trip can introduce you to the true Cypriot lifestyle.

In the Spring, the warmth of both the island and its people can come as a bit of a shock.

For those wearily shaking off the dregs of a long, cold winter, leaving the drab grey of the city and emerging in a world of colorful fields, sunlight and banana plantations is indeed a pleasant change. You can thank me later.

The Paphos District is a wonderful area to explore, full of small villages and people living a more traditional life. The karaoke bars, t-shirt shops and vendors hawking over-priced souvenirs have been left far behind. Recommended villages include: Anarita, Kathikas, Episkopi, and Tsada.

crete-2Only 15-20 minutes from the developed coast, Episkopi and Kathikas really give you a taste of everyday Cyprus living. The locals appreciate visitors and are more than happy to sell travelers their fill of fruits and vegetables, as well as the local handicraft, lace. Be sure to check out the Commandaria, a locally made sweet wine. Just don’t check out too much of it, if you catch my meaning.

A multicolored, steep rock face dominates the entrance to the village of Episkopi and the layout of the small village is largely unchanged from times long past. Take your time getting there — the roads are steep and narrow and you will often find yourself behind a donkey carrying oranges, limes, grapes or almonds.

Other nearby jewels are the villages of Anarita and Tsada, a mere 10 minute drive from resorts and golfing. You can spend the day sampling local specialties and watching old men playing cards or backgammon while laughing and probably reminding each other how it was in the ‘good ol’ days’. Then you can slip back to your comfortable room and enjoy a cocktail by the pool.

It truly is the best of both worlds.

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