Earning Miles for Free Travel with an Excellent Travel Rewards Credit Card


Earning Miles for Free Travel with an Excellent Travel Rewards Credit Card

The Delta SkyMiles credit card is a great travel credit card. It offers reward miles for every dollar spent on the card, so points rack up quickly. It also offers special perks along with the card such as free checked bags, discounted access to the Sky Club lounge, car rental insurance and early boarding when traveling.

Research the card to discover why it is the ideal credit card to earn free flights when it is used for everyday purchases.

When traveling with Delta, take advantage of double points with the Delta SkyMiles credit card as covered here by milecards.com.

Every time the card is used, one point is earned for every dollar spent.

When flights are booked with Delta two points are earned for every dollar spent on the card. The double miles also apply to all vacation packages booked through Delta Vacations. Points really start to accumulate when the card is used on daily purchases on everything from gas to dining to entertainment.

delta2Take advantage of the car rental loss and damage insurance anytime a rental car is booked and paid for with the Delta SkyMiles card. Book and pay for the rental using the Delta SkyMiles credit card, and avoid the high daily insurance fees to the car rental companies anymore.

During the first 3 months of having the card, spend over $1,000 and earn a bonus of 30,000 SkyMiles. If the Pay with Points option is used to book a flight with Delta, this saves $300 towards another flight, which can be used to pay for Delta Airlines tickets partially or in full. Additionally, points are redeemable at over 15 partner airlines wherever they fly. Make a ticket purchase with Delta Airlines within the first 3 months of having the card and earn a $50 statement credit.

Make use of the 20 percent discount on Delta in-flight purchases when the credit card is used to pay for food, beverages, video games, movies or earphones. The discount appears as a statement credit within a few weeks of traveling. Since the card is being used to pay for purchases with Delta, double SkyMiles are earned with this benefit. Enjoy a meal, movie and drink at a discount while earning double miles! That is a fantastic feature of the Delta SkyMiles credit card.

Enjoy the first checked bag free of charge when flights are booked and paid for with the Delta SkyMiles credit card. Each of nine friends or family on the same reservation is also entitled to one free checked bag when the card member books and pays for the ticket with the Delta Rewards credit card. That is a savings of $50 per person per round trip ticket, which can save hundreds of dollars on only one trip.

Make use of the Delta Sky Club lounge when traveling and enjoy the complimentary snacks and drinks as well as Wi-Fi access. Catch up on local and national news with the newspapers, magazines and satellite television they have in the lounge. As long as the Delta SkyMiles card is used, the lounge can be accessed for a discounted rate every time the card member is traveling, whether for business or pleasure. Make use of the personalized flight assistance in the lounge to help re-schedule missed flights due to weather delays or missed connections.

Additionally, a Global Assist Hotline is available when traveling with the Delta SkyMiles credit card. It offers access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to legal, medical, financial or other emergency assistance and coordination services.

Cardholders are offered Return Protection on purchases within 90 days, up to one year extended warranty and Purchase Protection against theft and accidental damage for 90 days after purchase when the Delta SkyMiles credit is used for shopping.

Priority boarding is one of the benefits of having the card. Avoid the long line of passengers waiting to board the plane when the Delta SkyMiles card is used to book and pay for flights. Settle into seats sooner and never worry about a lack of space to store carry-on bags in the cabin since cardholders will be among the first passengers on the plane.

Watch how quickly the points accumulate in the first year of having the card. The bonus points earned in the first year are enough for a $300 full or partial flight credit. The $95 annual fee is waived in the first year; after the first year the fee will apply, however the free flights earned by using the card will more than make up for the low fee.

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