Dodging Mistakes in the States


Dodging Mistakes in the States

Through films, television and music the USA has always been popular with travelers. A country of its size and variety has the capacity to not only host some of greatest cities in the world, but also some of the most breathtaking landscapes. Therefore whether in a National Park or down a side street in New York City, there is space to get lost.

Dodging Mistakes in the USAAnd yet the yellow taxis and views of Route 66 are so familiar world-over, you may feel that there is less chance of falling into a traveler’s trap than if you were going to somewhere like the Far East. This is where you are wrong. Have a browse of these three tips and keep them in mind when traveling; even to somewhere that feels as close as the United States.


With the risk of sounding like a teacher – preparation, preparation, preparation! The USA has a reputation for strictness on their borders and it is partially justified. You don’t want to annoy the border security, so have all your documents in order and make sure you are aware of the relevant visa requirements that may be applicable to you.

Also check when your passport expires.

Do this far in advance, as the new one can take a few months to arrive. Be aware that some countries demand that the expiry date is a minimum number of months later than your date of travel. Sites like this one here can help you navigate your way into entering the States hassle-free.


Put the book down! Travel guides are all well and good in providing a neat map of the local area, but when relied on too heavily they can prevent you from seeing the country itself. The majority of travelers are going to have the same guide as you and you will end up trapped in a walking coach of tourists for the duration of the trip. Talk to the locals, avoid the tourist traps, make your own way.

If you are to take a travel guide, make sure it is as up to date as possible. You don’t want to be hiking across a city for an hour only to find that the fantastic hostel with ping-pong and a free laundry service is now a building site. Better yet, use a smart phone.


Never underestimate the importance of a little knowledge of local customs. Traveling East, advice is thrown about willy-nilly on which country you shouldn’t pat children on the head, or turn your back on a sow. Such knowledge is as important when traveling to somewhere like the States.

Being rude can cause you much hassle when on the road, even if unintentional, and having the locals on your side is of unparalleled assistance. To settle one of the most common concerns, take a look at the tipping culture in the States.

(And it’s OK to snub the pigs …)

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