My Top Ten Photos of 2012


My Top Ten Travel Photos of 2012

I didn’t move around a lot in 2012, spending the year in Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. Moving slowly did allow me to dig a little deeper into the places I visited than I might have otherwise. Here are ten of my favorite shots from the last year.

Weathered window in Utila, Honduras — I love texture and color and this wonderfully worn shutter has both. I had to wait for a cloudy day to get the shot I wanted, avoiding direct sunlight that would have washed out the color.


My Top Ten Travel Photos of 2012

More Texture and Color from Copán de Ruinas, Honduras — This beautiful mountain town is home to the Mayan ruins of Copán and dozens of delightful details like this.


My Top Ten Travel Photos of 2012

Morning light on the lake at Coba, Mexico — While waiting for the park to open so I could go roam about some Mayan ruins, I was drawn to the warm colors of this small lake.


My Top Ten Travel Photos of 2012

Day’s end at the Temple of the Great Jaguar, Tikal, Guatemala — I had just enough time to capture the last of the light on this massive pyramid before the security guards ran me out of the park.


My Top Ten Travel Photos of 2012

Sunset on Lake Peten, El Rematé, Guatemala — Sometimes the photos take themselves. I stepped out of my hotel room and found this nice conjunction of color and composition. All I had to do was push the trigger.


My Top Ten Travel Photos of 2012

Beans for sale, Antigua, Guatemala — I can’t visit a market without taking a hundred photos. I love this one for the clean lines, wonderful textures and muted colors.


My Top Ten Travel Photos of 2012

Lakeside dock, Flores, Guatemala — Flores manages to pack a lot of visual impact into a tiny island. I passed this dock every morning as I walked about — later in the day it would be packed with backpackers and tourists sunning themselves.


My Top Ten Travel Photos of 2012

Yucca plant, Antigua, Guatemala — It was midday when my buddy Joe and I decided to explore this ruined church so most of my shots from that day were washed out and bland. Luckily, I discovered this lovely yucca plant sitting quietly in the shade so I walked away with at least one ‘keeper’.


My Top Ten Travel Photos of 2012

An intricate alfombra, created for Semana Santa (Easter week) , Antigua, Guatemala — I’m still astounded by the amount of color and detail visible in these ‘carpets’ made of sawdust and other organic materials. I’d like to tell you that the gentleman in the middle of the shot was praying or meditating, but he was actually taking photos just as we all were. More photos HERE.


My Top Ten Travel Photos of 2012

A penitent and incense burner, Antigua, Guatemala — Easter week in Antigua is an experience unlike any other, you can find cheap Caribbean vacations on Expedia to visit the country at this time of the year. Thousands and thousands of Catholics parade though the cobblestone streets at all hours of the day and night — astounding.


What was your favorite photo of 2012? Leave a link in the comments. And have a happy 2013.


29 comments on “My Top Ten Photos of 2012

  1. Steller photos, Wes!!

  2. What a good-looking year you’ve had! Especially love the market pic – makes me want to put my hand right inside it and grab some of those beans and spices! Have a fab 2013. Delia

  3. PS I think my fave pic of the year has to be of the beautiful people in Bali –

  4. Good work Wes! My favorites are tied at the carpet photo and the sunset on Lake Peten. Happy travels in 2013!

  5. Great photos Wes. I can never go past a melancholy-looking pier without taking a shot either.

  6. As always, just awesome awesome stuff, sir! Love the Guate stuff – we used to be able to climb those pyramids!

    • Thanks, man. Yeah, they roped the Jaguar Temple off a few years back after having a couple of tourists die while taking the fast way down. You can still climb several of them, though.

  7. Some really nice pictures there!

    Hope you are having a good time home for the holidays :-)


  8. Awesome photos!


  9. Awesome pics Johnny. I particularly like the walkway out to the lake in Coba, just the way everything is uneven yet it appears perfect! What set up do you use? I’ve been experimenting with my iPhone but also have an older Rebel XT (need a new lens though)

  10. Love all the Guatemala photos! Can’t wait until we are there this July! It seems most travelers skip Central America, so it’s great to read all your posts! Keep up the great work! We will be in Tulum, Mexico Feb 8-18 if you are in the area!

  11. Very nice, untraditional shots here. The Semana Santa and Beans in Antigua really caught my eye, but they’re all great.

  12. Great Photos. My favorite is the one of the “carpet” in Antigua, followed by the sunset over the lake with the horse. I went to Semana Santa 10 years ago (wow, has it been that long?) and those photos bring back good memories. Good luck in your travels next year.

  13. Love the photos – great as usual! You have inspired me to purchase a DSLR camera and to learn to use it (typically I just use my iPhone or a Canon point-and-click camera, and then play with the color and light later on my computer). My favorite from this series is the picture of the shutters… I don’t know why, but the colors and the peeling paint make me want to pack my suitcase and just go – anywhere! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Awesome! Love that last pic, and the amazing colors in the second one.

  15. Love that part of the world – thanks for bringing back memories. I actually lost all my photos from Tikal and most of Guatemala, devastating!! Some of my fave pics this year are from Papua New Guinea, truly a photographer’s dream: and

    Enjoy! :-)

  16. Great set of photos. My favorite is probably the one of the beans in Antigua. Something about the lines and colors really catches the eye!

  17. Wow! Great photo! I’m happy that I found this portal and your blog :)

  18. Love no. 5! The shilohette of the animal in perfect place. Lovely shots :)

  19. Love the Beans for Sale. You can’t go wrong with beans :)
    Allan Wilson recently posted..The Business of BloggingMy Profile

  20. Great shots, I would need a few more hard drives if I lived in Guatemala for any length of time. I took so many pictures in the month I was there I almost need more space the way it is. Such a beautiful place!
    Adam @ GettingStamped recently posted..Damn Antigua, You Are Beautiful > In PhotosMy Profile

  21. Wow. I visited Tikal and was also fortunate enough to be in Antigua during Semana Santa. The alfombras were breathtaking.
    Laura Gorman “Nica Chick” recently posted..Traveling Tips for TechiesMy Profile

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