My Seven Super Travel Photos


There’s another travel blogger meme-doo-hickey going round and I can’t resist. The folks over at HostelBookers started it and both Dave and Deb at Planet D , Aaron at Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures and Jeremy at Budget Travel Adventures tagged me. Here’s my favorite seven shots:

Takes My Breath Away
My Seven Super Travel Photos

Yes, the camera is level. I took this shot at a rickety carnival in Pushkar, India during the annual Camel Fair. For fifty cents I got to watch these daredevils fly around the Wall of Death about twenty feet off the ground and at high speed. The Wall was built out of wood, angle-iron and hope, and shook like crazy when the bike came by. Standing on the top platform, you could hold out a ten rupee note and the rider would snatch it from your hand as he passed and stuff it in his mouth.


Makes Me Laugh or Smile
My Seven Super Travel Photos

I was walking down a path in Rishikesh, India on my way to check out the ruins of the famous Beatles Ashram when I passed this guy. I doubled back to get a shot and –to my surprise– he posed perfectly. Look at that face — I wish I could feel as content as he looks.


Makes Me Dream
My Seven Super Travel Photos

Oh, if only this could be my everyday office. It wasn’t terribly practical, I’ll admit, but what a view. No electricity but I had internet access via my cellphone for as long as the battery lasted and cool sand to sink my toes in. The glare on the screen was painful but the ocean breeze and fifty cent mango lassi more than made up for it. – Koh Chang, Thailand.


Makes Me Think
My Seven Super Travel Photos

Traveling down the Om River in Laos, en route to Luang Prabang, we noticed a couple and a boy waving from the shore. The captain pulled over and kindly gave them a lift into town. The area we were in had no roads, electricity or modern conveniences of any kind, yet they were sharing a cramped boat with tourists tapping at cell phones, listening to iPods and taking digital photos with abandon. Everyone here made their living by growing crops on the steep mountainsides and pulling fish from the river — what did they think of all these pale outsiders?

They were as interested in the farang tourists as we were with them. After a lot of subtle glances and looks, things settled down (it was a 6 hour boat ride) and I was able to grab this shot. It took me 30 minutes to get the photo I wanted — since I have the attention span of a gnat, I’m rather proud of this one.


Makes My Mouth Water
My Seven Super Travel Photos

Okay, I’m lying here — this does not make my mouth water. Crab is not one of my favorite foods. Sure, the claws are nice, but the rest of it makes me feel like I’m eating a twelve ounce cricket. So why did I choose this photo? I’m not a big foodie so I rarely break out the DSLR for food photos. And I really like this shot. — Chinatown, Bangkok Thailand.


Tells a Story
My Seven Super Travel Photos

This photo doesn’t tell a story as much as it reminds me of an amazing night. I had just arrived in Mumbai as the Durga Puja celebrations were in full bloom. My new German friend, Michael, and I dove into the local neighborhood and had the most incredible time — we were fed huge amounts of food, had dozens of whiskey toasts and danced like madmen at several parties. We never saw another tourist. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve had in over two years of travel.


Most Proud of (aka my National Geographic Shot)
My Seven Super Travel Photos

Varanasi, India is one of my all-time favorite places for photography, especially at sunrise. It’s dirty and difficult to navigate but once you reach the Ganges, it’s just stunning. I think you could close your eyes, spin in a circle and snap a prize-winning photo at random. I’ve been twice and look forward to my next visit.


To keep this thing rolling, I nominate Shannon at A Little Adrift, Kevin over at The Mad Traveler, and James at Nomadic Notes. They’re all good, talented people so give ‘em a look.

35 comments on “My Seven Super Travel Photos

  1. These are lovely!

  2. Your “most proud of” picture is gorgeous and emotional. I really love it.

  3. Amazing shots, Wes! Besides the wonderful Varanasi photo, I particularly like the Laos picture. The expression on the kid’s face is so intense…

  4. Great collection. I >>really<< like the white monkey.

  5. Awesome! Couldn’t pick a favourite – why do we feel we have to do that anyway??!!

  6. WOW Johnny, these are AWESOME!

    Love the monkey (of course), but the daredevil motorbiker is a close second. The last shot is indeed worthy of the national geographic!

  7. Haha, and by Johnny I mean “Wes” – sorry mate!

  8. Lovin the crabs and the motorbike most. So glad you’re out there Wes, when you’re not spinning a yarn for us to snicker over, you’re taking fab photos!

  9. Pirate63 on said:

    Great shots Wes

  10. Love the photos! I tagged you as well – and you didn’t disappoint! :)

  11. casa de hamilton pool on said:

    Great stuff, per usual!

  12. The last picture is the perfect one as the National Geographic shot! That very picture is also the one that drew my attention toward your blog. I wish I can snap such stunning picture when one day I go to Varanasi.

  13. Love these photos – your office on Koh Chang was not bad at all! :)

  14. o Varanasi.. We didn’t have enough time to visit and I think it’ll kick us in the butt every time we think about it. Only did the Rajasthan region for 3 weeks. Great shot! Gives us a reason to return to India. :)

  15. These are gorgeous! I love the last two especially. Kinda makes me want to go to India!

  16. Beautiful shots! That’s an office I could live with as well :)

  17. Your photos in India were gorgeous, I’m not surprised it made your national geographic shot and I’m sure you have many others.

  18. Nice shots Wes! Your NG from Varanasi is one I’ve seen before and is probably my fav out of all of them.

  19. that’s so true of what you said about varanasi. close your eyes, whirl around, and snap a photo! great set! :)

  20. Wow! These are just fantastic!

    I aspire to take photos this good while traveling! Love the Nat Geo shot from Varanasi….never made it there while I was in India unfortunately but was at the fair in Pushkar in 2011…amazing place to take pictures!

  21. You shots are killer! Also – how do you work outside on a nice sunny day? I attempt to work on my roof now that the weather is getting nice in Philadelphia, and I can’t see my screen!!!

    • Glare is the bane of my existence. I have to find shade and then it’s still rough. I rarely edit photos outdoors but will instead write/email/etc.

  22. After the Varanasi shot, have to say the crab shot is my favourite really nice rich colours and tones.

  23. They are all great shots but that last one, wow it’s out of this world.

    Tips hat,

  24. Koh Chang is such a peaceful place. Amazing pictures, all different and great in their own ways

  25. Great photos…and great blog too. Glad I found it….i’m reading the suicide shower article, two stinky weeks ahead of me i guess

  26. great shots, Johnny!! My favorites are the first and last– such strong images… when’s the photo e book coming out? ;)

  27. Amazing photos! I love the last one, there’s something mythical and alluring about it. Looking forward to India this year!

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