Photos: Ancient Erotic Carvings from Nepal (Not Safe for Work)


Travel Photos: Ancient Erotic Carvings from Nepal

The Devil is always in the details. While wandering about Durbar Square in Kathmandu or through the medieval town of Bhaktapur, you’ll often find very explicit images carved into the roof struts of temples and buildings. No one seems to know exactly what purpose they served — they have an obvious Tantric connection, demonstrating the merging of Buddhism and Hinduism that is so common in Nepal. Beyond that, it’s hard to know what the original creators where thinking.

To me, any culture that can contemplate spirituality while still getting its freak on is one worth getting to know. While many of these carvings are over 500 years old (the carving of the woman washing her hair was completed in 1475), they are quite explicit, so only click through if you’re okay with that kind of thing. My personal favorite is the last one — who knew?

Travel Photos: Ancient Erotic Carvings from Nepal

Travel Photos: Ancient Erotic Carvings from Nepal

Travel Photos: Ancient Erotic Carvings from Nepal

Travel Photos: Ancient Erotic Carvings from Nepal

Travel Photos: Ancient Erotic Carvings from Nepal

Travel Photos: Ancient Erotic Carvings from Nepal



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33 comments on “Photos: Ancient Erotic Carvings from Nepal (Not Safe for Work)

  1. Hey Wes,

    Great pics. We just finished the Annapurna Circuit and are spending some time cruising between Pokhara and Kathmandu. This post made me excited (hehe, not like that) for the trip. I love the locked trunks in the last photo. I think those two have a real connection.


  2. This is amazing. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – everyone likes sex!

  3. Great photos Wes. I am sure you took a LONG time composing them :-)

  4. I was told the carvings were put in the entrances of temples in order to distract evil so they wouldn’t enter the temple. I’m going to try that at home. ;)

  5. François on said:

    When we visited Pashupatinath (Hindu temple where they cremate the dead) in Kathmandu, one of the structures there was covered with these carvings and our guide told us it was used in ancient times as sex-ed. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know. The birds do it, the bees do it, the elephants do it… lol

  6. That was a kinky bunch back in their day apparently. Move over Kama Sutra… :)

  7. Great photos, I don’t know why but one those photo reminded me of starbuck logo. : )

  8. I am absolutely blushing.

  9. Love this!! Sex is not supposed to be a taboo thing. Some of those poses seem to require crazy limber limbs though – that’s where the yoga comes in, I guess.

  10. That is hilarious. Peru also has a lot of fertility carvings that make me giggle.

  11. Now this is what travel is about…lol jk. These pics are soo funny I love them.

  12. Wow…I’ve been to Durbar Square a few times now but never looked at the carvings this close up before…I think I might be blushing! :D

    The first time I went I hired one of the student guides and every time he pointed out the “heretic carvings” he’d snigger a little bit. I had no idea why he was giggling. It took me a good twenty minutes to realise he was saying “erotic” not “heretic”. See? CLEARLY not looking close enough!

  13. I love the blissful, cherubic expression of these graven images…great shots!

  14. Can’t help but giggle when I see things like this but they are always appreciated. How awesome.

    Love the elephants!

  15. So that’s where the Japanese got their inspiration for their woodblocks! Heh!

  16. Wow. Who would have thought elephants like the missionary position?!?!

  17. …..and now I need a cigarette. And I don’t even smoke.

  18. Great to see you finally posted these. The tension was killing me!

  19. It’s amazing how many cultures porn is acceptable within. Just look at the Greek vases. (Or, for something completely different, Victorian finger porn — think, erm, pop-up books.) Can elephants really do that, though? I’d have thunk they’d never get up again…

  20. This isn’t really safe for work – and even at home. I am currently here at our dining room when all of a sudden, my grandfather went out and saw the photos LOL. He said that he had been to Nepal and the images look familiar :P The elephant photo made us laugh out loud. Imagine if that happened in real life? *runs and hides*

  21. amazing photos, NSFW lol!!!


    inspairing / temting the skill, because am also professional painter. great collection. thanx.

  23. Sakaryada Sarılık Emlak. Daire, gayrimenkul emlak ilanları

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