Here are some travel blogs that I think you’ll find interesting:

The Aussie Nomad – Chris is leaving Australia and traveling through Europe, packing his crazy Aussie wit and charm. Check him out.
Two Backpackers – Jason and Aracely have a wonderful site chock full of photos, videos, and great writing.
Legal Nomads – Jodi has been traveling for two years straight now and her site is packed full with great writing and photos of places you didn’t know existed.
Nomadic Chick – Jeannie is giving up the cubicle for the wide wide world and chronicling it all with her wonderful wit.
Otts World – Sherry has been traveling for over 3 years now and capturing it all in amazing pictures.
Spunky Girl Monologues – Pamela is a self-confessed Blogger, Traveler, Amateur Photographer and Rambler who’s leaving soon on her big trip.
Unbrave Girl – Traveling slow, Sally is spending a couple of months each at her destinations. Currently in China and tearing up the twitterverse with hilarious commentary.
Bacon Is Magic – Angelina just left for her solo RTW trip. Luckily for us, she’s bringing her camera.
Candice Does the World – Spunky, frank, and hilarious, Candice is burning up the blogosphere.
The Brooklyn Nomad – A Noo Yakwa with a serious case of wanderlust. Andrew writes about travel news, tips, hotel reviews and features guest bloggers.
No Place to Be – Poi & Kirsty have been saving up for a few years with the aim of spending the same amount of time blowing it around the world, heading to China and South East Asia, hoping that they will eventually make it to Australia sometime in 2011.
Traveling Savage – Keith goes round the world one month at a time with a focus on experiential travel while balancing a wife and house in the ‘burbs.
A Travel Around the World – A thirty-something adventure couple backpacking around the world a year-long, blogging about their adventures, sharing their tips, travel tales and pictures from around the world.
y Travel Blog – Caz and Craig are sharing tips and inspiration from 10 years of world travel experience. Check ‘em out.
Backpacking Worldwide – Matt is postponing law school for the indefinite future to travel the world, combining two of my favorite things: travel and procrastination. One to watch.
Two Go Round-The-World – Follow Kathryn and Daniel as they plan, prepare and pack for a year-long RTW trip set to depart Toronto, Canada in July 2011.
Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site – One of the first travel bloggers to really make a career out of it, Matt’s traveled all over the world and shows no sign of slowing down.
Go, See, Write – After circling the world once without flying, Michael is currently exploring the back roads of Columbia and sharing his adventure with style and humor. One of my favorite sites — check it out!
Adventure Bimbling – Join Andy and Laura making their way across Asia and into the great blue yonder.
Tourist 2 Townie – Travel deeper with Gareth on his uncensored social experiment to see what it takes to go from Tourist to Townie in Latin America.
Wellspring Hypnosis – The best place to find a stop smoking mp3 that really works. I’ve been smoke free for 1.5 years now, thanks to Aisha.
Fevered Mutterings – Mike is one of my favorite story-tellers and that’s not something I say lightly.
Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel – Discovering the world, one culture at a time.