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My RTW Gear Update


Continuing my spending spree (which is thankfully almost over), I’ve added a Marmot PreCip Traveler rain jacket that I picked up on sale at the REI Outlet for $65.00. It’s windproof, reasonably waterproof, and only weighs 1 pound. I also picked up a cheap silk sleep sheet at the same time, saving $15 off the in-store price. It’s a goofy shade of green, but who cares? I’ll only use it in the dark. It weighs 4oz and rolls up to half the size of a regular sleep sheet — in-store pickup took care of any shipping costs.

I’ll soon start test-packing and seeing how just how much this is going to hurt. How much crap can I carry?




A North Face Windwall windproof fleece was purchased on sale at REI for $75.00 and has been my winter jacket of choice. It really does cut the wind well, only succumbing at 40+ mph on the motorbike. Combined with the rain jacket, I’ve found it quite comfortable in temps as low as 30 degrees F — even on the bike.

For Christmas, my brother gave me a Leatherman Juice CS4 pocket multi-tool which is compact and has all the tools I need, plus a corkscrew. A buddy was giving me a hard time about the, ahem, size of my multi-tool — waving his hi-tech 500-blade wonder about. His had everything but a corkscrew — I pointed out that while his might save him from a crashed airplane, mine was much more likely to get me laid.

My next plan is to hack my iPhone to work with a Bluetooth traveling keyboard (how-to on the way).

Another gift was this rocking iPhone battery, the Kensington Mini Battery Extender, which gives me another 3/4 charge and works as a backup charging cable. My next plan is to hack my iPhone to work with a Bluetooth traveling keyboard for times when I’m out of power on the MacBook (watch for a how-to article soon).

Edit: I’d be remiss not to mention my Dorfman Pacific All Season Crushable Hat. Crushable and lightweight, it’s a much-needed accessory for my bald head.

I’m getting close enough to my final load out for the trip that I’ll soon start test-packing and seeing how just how much this is going to hurt. It might be a good excuse for a contest — guess how much crap Wes will carry around the world?

See my original, interactive gear list here.

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half century March 23, 2010 at 8:36 pm

Just a word of caution for anyone travelling to or through the UK – most knives are prohibited here including ALL locking blades and fixed blades however small, so yes that does include your Leatherman or Swiss Army knife. Also mace or pepper sprays or any form of tazer, knuckleduster or martial arts weapons etc. If you carry anything prohibited through a UK air/port it will be confiscated and you also risk police involvement even arrest! Small non locking penknives are not prohibited but will still be confiscated along with your liquid/gel/pastes over 100ml yes that includes totally harmless marmalade, handcream, hand sanitiser and loads more. If you do have these items, pack them in your hold luggage to avoid problems at security.


wes March 24, 2010 at 1:05 am

good advice! I have a really nice folding blade at home but was worried I’d lost it. Bought a cheapie in Chinatown, instead…


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