One Bizarre Night — Poker Scam in Saigon


A Very Close Call -- Poker Scam in Saigon

I met Mr. Giang in the park across from my hotel. He was a very amiable old guy and we spent a half hour chatting. He had to leave, but wondered if I’d meet him back here the next day so he could introduce me to his niece and we could all have a “nice conversation.” I warily agreed. It would turn out to be one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had.

That night I met up with with fellow travel bloggers, Dave and Colin, and we spent the night drinking cheap beer and Vietnamese whiskey. Dave and I were comparing events of the day and he mentioned how he’d been befriended by a local who took him home for dinner to meet his sister who was a nurse and was about to move to New Zealand.

After a friendly dinner and chit chat, he’d been told a story about their sick grandmother and had give them $10 US to help with medical costs. He suspected that it was a scam, but had got a good meal and a taxi ride out of the deal so he wasn’t too worried about the money. I told him about my appointment to meet Mr. Giang tomorrow at 3:00. Dave laughed and said “I wonder if his grandmother is sick, too?”

Mr. Giang met me at the park as agreed and brought his cousin (whose name I forget) along. She was in her late thirties and was very interested in learning more about the US. As we crossed the park, I saw Dave sitting on a bench reading. He laughed and waved — his bus left at 7:00 and he was killing time.

I thought we were just going to meet for coffee, but they flagged down a taxi, explaining that they wanted to treat me to a real meal and introduce me to their family. I didn’t really want to go, but hated to be rude, so I went along. Traffic was heavy and the taxi took a good fifteen minutes to reach their house. I was, of course, completely lost.

Mr Giang introduced me to his brother, Woody, who worked on a cruise ship as a blackjack dealer

Their home was a nice two story concrete place with a living room area and small kitchen filling the lower floor. As I walked in, I smelled food cooking and saw a Vietnamese man sitting on the sofa watching the basketball finals. Mr Giang introduced us — this was his brother, Woody, who was a Lakers fan and worked on a cruise ship. Woody’s English was flawless and we chatted about Vietnam and his job as a dealer in the ship’s casino.

Woody worked on his days off as a dealer for the VIP room of a club here in Saigon and gave me the low down on rich people and their attitude towards gambling. “They don’t care if they lose a hundred grand gambling, but they’ll stiff you on tips every time.” He had run a game just last night with some foreigners and the agreement was that the dealer got 10% of the winnings, but a businessman from Singapore had won $80,000 and only tipped him $50.

About this time, dinner was served and the four of us sat down to enjoy rice, a couple of vegetable dishes, and baked fish. Woody asked if I was familiar with a game called “Poker 21″ and I admitted that I’d never heard of it. “After dinner, I’ll teach it to you.” I replied that I’d like to learn but that I wasn’t interested in gambling. Warning bells were starting to tinkle in the distance.

“No, no… I’ll just show you how to play,” was the reply. After we’d eaten, Woody led me upstairs to his room where he had a small table and chairs set up by his bed. He pulled out a pad of paper and drew a map of the casino where he worked, showing me how his job was to watch the tables for cheating and where the VIP room was, where he’d deal cards for an hour a night.

“Never play against me because you cannot win.”

Poker 21 turned out to be a form of blackjack where you could bet after each card and bluffing was an integral part of the game. He pulled out some cheap poker chips and I reminded him that I was not going to play for money. “Oh no,” he replied. “Never play against me because you cannot win.”

After we’d covered the basics, he said “Now, I will show you how to cheat.” He had me shuffle the cards, then dealt out two hands. The imaginary player’s hand was a twenty and mine was a twenty one. He dealt again and I had a twenty while the other hand was a nineteen. I watched his hands closely and couldn’t see any sleight of hand. He was good.

“I’m working the casino in Nepal in August. We could make a half million dollars in an hour, and split it 50-50.”

He then showed me his method of signaling what the other person’s hidden card was. After dealing, if he placed his hands together right over left, the down card was an ace. Touching his elbow was an nine, etc.

To further simplify things, he could tell me when to bet by touching his wedding ring. “I’m working the casino in Nepal in August. Maybe you can come visit and I’ll get you into the VIP room. We could make a half million dollars in an hour, and split it 50-50.”

“I’m afraid I won’t be in Nepal until much later in the year, Woody. And I don’t have the kind of money I’d need to even play.” “Oh, I could get you the chips as a loan. You’d repay me and we’d split the winnings,” he replied with a wink. “But before I could get you into the VIP room, you’d need to practice. And then I would want to test you to see if you can handle the pressure. With chips, it’s easy but real money makes a man nervous.” He wrote the word “TEST” on the sheet of paper.

He produced two $100 bills and laid them on the table. “I thought we agreed there would be no money, Woody.”

“This is just for learning. It’s my money, so there’s no risk for you.”

About this time, the phone rang and he spoke to someone for a minute. “That was the man from Singapore — he wants me to deal for him again tonight — says I’m his lucky dealer. Maybe this time he will pay me.”

He wanted me to come play at his table tonight, thinking we were going to scam some foreigners.

Now, it was starting to fall into place — or so I thought. He wanted me to come play at his table tonight, thinking we were going to scam some foreigners. I, of course, would be the one fleeced in the end. I started looking for a way to wrap this up. His cousin had joined us and was telling me how good a dealer he was and babbling on about this or that.

There was a knock at the door and a sweaty, spastic man in a shirt and tie walked in, carrying a small satchel. Woody said “Oh, you’re early,” and then introduced us. This was Mister Li from Singapore. Oh shit.

“We’re just playing a friendly game,” Woody explained to Mr. Li. “Perhaps you’d like to join in before we leave for the casino?” Mr. Li would, of course, be honored to play against an American. “America is a great country,” he declared. “But Singapore is number one!”

Should you ever find yourself in such a situation, this is the point where you stand up and walk away.

Should you ever find yourself in such a situation, this is the point where you stand up and walk away. Apparently, I’m not that smart. I wasn’t thinking quickly enough and was awestruck by how smooth and well-played this setup was. Deer in the headlights.

Within a minute, I had $200 in chips sitting in front of me and Mr. Li had produced $500 which he had swapped for chips. Woody was shuffling the cards. None of the money was mine, but I knew it wasn’t intended to stay that way.

I only had about $50′s worth of Vietnamese dong on me, but visions of me standing at an ATM with a knife to my back were starting to flit around my head. Mr. Li was a damned good actor, playing to role of a arrogant –but stupid– businessman. He had a greased-down hair, thick glasses, and a cheap tie. There was always a hint of spittle hanging around the corner of his mouth.

The cards were dealt and I realized only then that I was trapped. I couldn’t fold the hand and walk away, because then I would owe Woody his $200. Woody was winking at me furiously but Mr. Li was somehow oblivious to it. I, of course, won the hand and now had $600 in chips.

Looking back, that was the moment to give them the chips back and walk away, but it didn’t occur to me at the time — I was so busy trying to think of a way out that I couldn’t see the obvious. They kept the pace up and any quiet moment was smoothly interrupted by a question from the cousin or Mr. Li. The cards flew again and I won again. Mr. Li got another $1,000 in chips.

Mr. Li was dealt a blackjack and won the ante. On the next hand, I drew a twenty-one, beating his twenty. “I’m sorry, but I have an appointment to go to,” I lied. “This is my last hand. Mr. Li was disappointed, but agreed. Woody was shaking his head — apparently, we hadn’t ‘taken’ Mr. Li for enough yet. I was done with the whole thing and was tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

In just ten minutes, things had spun completely out of control. I had no money in the game, but knew it was just a matter of time.

For the last hand, Woody touched his ring again and I drew a card to give me a twenty one. Mr. Li had a ten showing. I bet low and he raised me so that I had to go all in.

Woody slipped up then and announced that no more cards would be dealt, despite the fact that Mr. Li had not indicated whether or not he wanted a card. A real gambler would have caught it. If I’d had any doubts about their collusion, that would have answered them.

Mr. Li reached into his bag, pulling out a brick of $100 bills that was at least eight inches thick. “I bet $50,000″ he said.

It was Mr. Li’s turn to bet and he reached into his bag, pulling out a brick of $100 bills that was at least eight inches thick. “I bet $50,000″ he said with a big smile. The shoe had dropped and it was one hell of a big one.

“I thought this was a friendly game, Mr. Li. You’re trying to buy the pot.”

“I like to win,” he replied, grinning wide.

I had two choices: fold and owe Woody $200, or agree to match a $50,000 bet. Woody was winking furiously again, as if he had something stuck in his eye. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have that kind of money on me,” I explained. Woody jumped in and said that he would guarantee my bet, as I had plenty of cash back at my hotel room. Mr Li insisted on seeing the money and we waited patiently while Woody left the room to get his stash. How the hell am I going to get out of this?

He returned with $18,000 in cash, but Mr. Li was still not satisfied — he wanted to see all of it. “I’ll accept any currency — I am a business man. Gold is good, too.” Woody did one hell of a job of looking annoyed and feigning insult that Mr. Li wouldn’t take him at his word. Seeing my chance, I asked “Perhaps, you have time for me to go to my hotel and get my money?”

Mr. Li thought this was a great idea — he would leave, too, and we’d call him when I returned. Woody pulled two envelopes from a cabinet and we sealed our cards inside with a glue stick that just happened to be lying around. The cash and cards went into the cabinet, which was locked. Mr. Li insisted on holding the key. “I have $50,000 in that cabinet. Maybe someone tries to help themselves to my money.” Woody glared at him.

“This is very exciting! What will you do with your $25,000?”

Woody led Mr. Li out of the room and the cousin started complaining about how rude Mr. Li was, insulting Woody in his own home.

I tried to tune her out, calculating the odds of my escaping the situation. When she noticed I wasn’t paying attention, she said “This is very exciting! What will you do with your $25,000? Stay in Vietnam longer?”

Woody returned and calmly explained that he had friends who would loan him money for a short period of time, but he wasn’t sure he could come up with the full $50,000. “How much can you contribute, Johnny? I might not need it, but a reserve would help — even if it’s only six or seven thousand.”

“The banks are closed, Woody — I can’t get that kind of money.”

“He said he would take gold. You can buy gold with your card from a shop. Just get a receipt.” Woody was a resourceful man.

“Okay, I’ll get what I can. Can you call a cab?”

The cab arrived and Mr. Giang and the cousin climbed in with me. Everyone had been asking what hotel I was staying at, but I’d conveniently forgotten the name, so we agreed to meet at the same spot in the park again. Traffic was very heavy and it took nearly half an hour to reach the park.

The cousin peppered me constantly with inane questions about the US — how much a cab costs there, how far away Mexico was from my home town, and such. Mr. Giang joined in with more of the same, always keeping me busy so I wouldn’t have time to think. Neither of them seemed overly excited about the fact that their family was about to win $25,000.

I think the plan was for me to return with as much money as I could gather, only to find that Mr. Li and I both had twenty-one. The cards would have to be dealt again and Mr. Li would insist on cutting them or such, denying Woody his opportunity to give me a winning hand. Either that, or I’d just be robbed outright.

I’d expected one of them to insist on coming with me to the hotel and had planned on telling them to screw themselves and making a run for it. To my surprise, they both agreed to wait at the park while I got my passport and the money. I crossed the busy street, walked past my hotel, turned the corner and ran into the first alley I saw.

Saigon is famous for it’s narrow, twisting alleys and I got lost as quickly as I could, taking every turn that led away from the park. Five minutes later, I popped out on a main street and saw the awkwardly-named Dung Restaurant, where we had eaten dinner the night before. Looking over my shoulder, I rushed in and took a table in the back, as far from the entrance as possible.

“Fancy meeting you here!” a voice said, scaring the living hell out of me. I looked up and saw Dave sitting at the table across from me, working on his laptop. “Dude,” I said. “Do I have a story for you…”

I was completely amped with adrenaline, and launched into my tale while ordering a beer. When I mentioned the card game, Dave laughed loudly and said “Poker 21?” He crossed his hands together and touched his elbow, saying “Ace. Nine.”

“You ran into the same scam?!” I was stunned.

“Yeah, didn’t I tell you last night? I got the same deal, right before they told me about their sick grandmother.”

“No, I don’t remember you mentioning it. How far did you go with the whole thing?” I asked.

“Oh, when he mentioned the test and pulled out money, I said ‘This is where I stop.’”

“You’re obviously a smarter man than me, Dave. Now I have to change hotels.”

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Adam September 27, 2010 at 10:23 am

Hi Michelle,

I sent you an email a couple days ago. You may need to check your junk mail bin.

Seems they do often give out email & phone number. It’s probably fake, but even if real they can get a new sim number for a couple dollars if someone catches on.

Can you tell us anything about the house they took you, and which bank branch they took you to? These items would be extremely vital information in tracking them down.


john September 22, 2011 at 10:59 pm

om effing god, i have only read a few paragraphs and am almost certain that this is the same group from bangkok, got me for 27000 baht back in 06. befriended me in an internet shop, invited me for lunch,took me 2 a nice house and said his sister was studying to be a nurse or something, i’m sure he said she was interested abut california, he said he worked on a cruise ship, he was amazing with a deck of cards, there was no pretty sister like in the pic he showed me, instead a 30 something yr old ugly biatch jumped in the taxi before we went to his house, he had a cook/old lady. the other guy that showed up said his name was mr.lee from singapore and had met this original guy on his cruise ship, anyway the original guy talked me into trying to hustle mr.lee before he showed up, said he would fix the deck, i said no, but as soon as mr.lee showed up, the dude threw 200 us dollars at me quickly n said ”come on”” , i igured it wasnt my money so what the hell, i ended up putting my own money on the table, the dude said we gotta show mr.lee the cash on the table after i won, anyway i got hustled, sounds like the same crew, i better finish reading though


Chris December 20, 2011 at 12:10 am

It happened to me too in 2005 in Bangkok. They took me to a house in the northern surburbs of Bangkok.
This time the “sister” was young and pretty and Mr. Lee was from Brunei.
Fortunately i was not been drugged (although i had some food and a beer at their house) and i could walk away as soon as the “man from brunei” showed up.
I’m pretty surprised that the same thing goes on, at so many places over so many years.


john September 22, 2011 at 11:07 pm

mr .li, now i am positive, this group must move all around se asia, i had continued living here since 06, but never saw them again, i haven’t forgotten their faces, in saigon now, thats how i came across this post, if the old lady was there serving food then i wouldnt be surprised if she was apart of their team, 3 for sure. 2 men in their late 30′s, probably early forties by now, and one ugly biatch


john September 22, 2011 at 11:11 pm

oh, and it was the same with the huge stack of us dollars, they agreed to put all the money in a locked box together, i left the room for 30 seconds, but there was an identical box that they switched, they let me hold it, but found there was a rock inside after i later opened it, haha


wes September 23, 2011 at 9:08 am

Ah, so that’s how it works. I never knew how they kept you from winning with your supposed unbeatable hand. I ran before we reached that stage.


Kanaka October 5, 2010 at 12:18 pm

Locked Up Abroad episode about Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and his kidnapping of US and UK nationals in 1994. This is the reason I will NEVER go with a stranger, anywhere …

I’m having second thoughts about going to Bali now …

This same scam runs in Angeles City, Philippines …


wes November 15, 2010 at 5:16 pm

Never go with a stranger is very good advice. I got lucky.


Jill December 20, 2011 at 3:25 pm

i’ve been to Bali; it’s a very nice place. just always be wary of the money changers. (we lost about 400sgd to them and never realized until we returned to our hotel to re-count the money) always go to the ones inside malls.


Ian December 1, 2010 at 11:02 pm

Looking back on my experience with these guys I’m just so glad I managed to get out without the losses written about in these comments. I’m now living in Phnom Penh (after an on the spot decision to leave and get away from these guys – worked out great for me so far I’m glad to say!) and i can say that it’s 1000 times better than Saigon. Almost all the travelers i speak to haven’t got a good word to say about the place and the expats who have more experience are far less generous with their comments.

This British show is really good and identifies a lot of scams, maybe we should all write in and try and get it some exposure to help stop these vermin.

All the best to everyone looking on here, great post and an invaluable resource to all those who’ve been involved in this scam.


mick December 2, 2010 at 4:36 am



Milly February 2, 2011 at 7:16 pm

Same thing happened to me in September of last year.. Except, my people were Malaysian and none of them match the photos on Adams site. I met a petite woman called “Anna” and her dealer brother “Let”.
Seems that it’s been awhile since anyone has posted here.. Have they been caught? or better still, all contracted a flesh eating virus?
I lost $500, again, I felt unable to get away till i handed over money.
I still loved Vietnam, and I won’t let a bunch of immigrant scam farkers ruin my feelings about a country when they do not represent it at all.


wes February 2, 2011 at 7:21 pm

Sorry to hear you got taken too, but I think you have a great attitude about it. Sometimes we just have to shake it off and keep moving forward…


Milly February 2, 2011 at 8:49 pm

Actually.. on a second glance at Adams photos.. I think Dealer “woody” was my Dealer “Let”.


wes February 2, 2011 at 9:10 pm

Woody! He’s a bastard.


flip March 11, 2011 at 12:28 am

sorry to hear about this… glad that you’re able to escape from them…


wes March 11, 2011 at 8:00 am

Thanks, Flip — that was a scary night.


Matthew March 17, 2011 at 10:49 pm

I ran into the same scam in Kuala Lumpur, I got approached in a upscale mall, she complimented my 3 year old sandals. The story was her niece was moving to Canada to study and wanted me to answer her questions, I got to their house, the niece had taken they grandmother to a doctor’s appointment but she’d be back soon. There was an “uncle” who was a black jack dealer. He offered to teach me how to “always win” I refused, after that their grandmother was in the hospital and I was jetted off to a monorail station, with all my ringgits in tact.


wes March 18, 2011 at 12:42 pm

“nomadiversary”! Love it :)


Roy March 18, 2011 at 1:17 am

Same thing happened to my friend in Kuala Lumpur!
Roy recently posted..Coquimbo- La Serena and TsunamisMy Profile


wes March 18, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Yeah, I’ve heard of the scam being active there too. Hanoi as well…


Brad March 19, 2011 at 10:34 pm

Thanks for the info. I hadn’t heard of that scam before, and I used to hang out in sordid places in my past trips to Viet Nam. Had you been drinking? Because I could see falling for that when drinking, but when sober I would think: 1. I just met this old man, 2. He was hanging out in the park, 3. He invites me to his house when I hardly know him. 4. He drops the old, “my cousin wants to learn about the U.S.” or “practice her English” scam. As Amit Gilboa said in his notorious book “They [Viets] are greedy. Blind, overwhelming greed is very simple to understand. Despicable, but simple.” But God, I miss that place.


Old 55 September 13, 2011 at 12:09 pm

Brad, these scams are almost exclusively run in HCMC by Filipino’s who take advantage of their ASEAN country passports to enter Vietnam for two week periods without a visa, not by Viets.


Jonathon March 22, 2011 at 12:35 pm

WOW! I have travel quite extensively and have never heard of any thing like this. being a bit of a gambler, I might have gotten caught up in it.


Adam March 27, 2011 at 2:18 pm

There are a lot of new photos of these guys at:

Please let us know here or there if you recognize anybody. Please do post comments, tweet, redistribute… lets get the warning out!

Safe Travels,


alicia cass April 23, 2011 at 10:25 am

oh it kills me inside to read all that and replaying the same thing that happened to me in phenom penh.. but i was an even bigger fool.. they took 10grand from me. i’ve learned alot from it and have put it behind me but i will just try to warn others.. its great that you have!!


Peter June 10, 2011 at 6:33 pm

I got caught up in this scam too but I have a lot more information. I met a friend here in Ho Chi Minh City who was also targetted. Those people who have been scammed and think that they have been very stupid should realize that they have probably been drugged. I would be very interested to make contact with others who have been scammed. I have photos of several people involved and I have the name of the one of the ring leaders. I also have the name and address of the jewelery shop they use to help get money from marks (my friend was taken to the same shop as me), these people are involved as well.

If you are wonderring if you are drugged one big clue is that they incessantly talk to you and do not care if you anwers aren’t coherent. My story is much longer because they tried to get more money from me – ended up being threatened with a knife in the jewelery shop.

check this website:
it has details of the current crew working Ho Chi Minh(and photos). They actually asked me to wire money to Jovito Corpuz! I believe they have a new girl playing the niece and I beleive I have a photo of her. I will share that later. I will go and check that lnk posted by Adam.

I will also share the information on the gold shop with anyone who was scammed in Ho Chi Minh.


Jon July 25, 2011 at 6:59 am

I hate to give my name, but do want to talk with someone. I fell for this scam and had the exact experience that was described above. I lost big bucks by going to the gold shop. I was unsuccessful in trying to stop the payment on my visa card and am now trying to pay of this debt. I would like to talk to someone out there who has more information about the current investigation. I feel that they would have stopped at nothing once I was in there house.


wes July 25, 2011 at 2:47 pm

Oh man, so sorry to hear it. I was never threatened with violence, but there are several people who’ve mentioned here that they were. Definitely a scary situation.


Jon July 26, 2011 at 12:54 am

Has anyone ever had any recourse with the police or with the current investigations of this scam in Saigon? It seems that they have arrested some people lately. I think the gold shop must have been working directly with the crooks.

Adam June 11, 2011 at 11:16 am

Hey Peter,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I’d love to see your photos, addresses and other info. Incidentally, there is a much newer follow-up to that newspaper story at:


Di July 14, 2011 at 6:24 pm

I have just returned to Australia from Saigon. I was walking by myself in park near Ben Thanh market, District 1 when I was befriended by an intelligent, worldly woman similar to my age -56yrs and sat down to talk.
Yes, I would usually never go with a stranger, but after 2 weeks of friendly locals from South Vietnam to Hue, I fell for the story… “my niece is going to Brisbane and we are worried about her….” I was asked to meet niece for coffee and was taken to “brother’s” house by taxi. Ate lunch, brother spun the “dealer” story etc. etc., showed me how I would never lose at Poker 21 with him dealing and we would share winnings 50/50. He put US$200 for me to bet with under a sheet of paper and after a phone call, in walks “rich man from Brunei who had won $80,000″ the previous night with this “lucky dealer”.
That was it, I said I was late meeting a friend and had to go. The woman got a taxi and was taking me back to the park when she didn’t have enough money for taxi. She asked me for money and I showed her my purse with only 2,000 dong (40cents). (I had more money and credit card in my pockets.) As soon as she stopped the taxi for an ATM, I got out and made my own way back to my guesthouse making sure I wasn’t followed. I have now seen this woman’s photo online showing Vietnam scammers.
They spin such convincing conversations, but I should never have got into the taxi! A big lesson learnt. From reading other travellers’ stories, I was lucky it only cost me 40 cents and I wasn’t drugged etc.
The same day when my male travelling companion was walking by himself, he was also given the “niece” story by 2 men on 2 occassions. Because he feared being accussed of rape, he invited first man to bring his niece to the guesthouse an hour later. They never arrived.
Take care as they take advantage of our friendliness. Wish I had found these warnings before I travelled!


wes July 15, 2011 at 9:41 am

Wow, close call. So glad you got out ok. A lot of people haven’t been so lucky.


xu July 16, 2011 at 7:56 pm

I just came back to my hotel room after being scammed in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY as Di, two posts above! It’s just that I was too naive for too long so they have my 1000 dollars and my camera. It happened in Saigon, Ben Than market, there were two women, 40-50 years old who were visiting their brother from Thailand,w ho married a local vietnamese…they took me to their brother’s house to meet the niece. Their niece was going to study in Berlin, not in Brisbane but unfortunately as i found out while waiting for her, her mom was in surgery and she was giving blood. How did i not see the red flags everywhere is really beyond me!
200 USD was the starting capital, the brunei guy who won 80 000 and only paid the brother 500 instead of 8000 was calling to ask him to deal for him again and then we started playing. also 50/50 split if we win.
Of course the brunei man wanted to see the money in the end and if i quit then, i would still have to pay him so the two sisters went to an ATM with me.
After I parted from my money so one of them could go and use it as collateral for getting more money in USD, me and the other sister were supposed to go back to their home.
We got on two separate motorbikes. No red flags there either.
15 It seems that they have arrested some people lately. I think the gold shop must have been working directly with the c_185%4ow">3469")'>Red=http%-p>Wrockets.) Aher 50rntIry andBrisbanwhen ave usualr wi75">storbrotmment-Iook 10xi! A baxi. Aer ViBrisbantten caught ul they a co45mment-riust who won I0 000 andit00 instead of 8000 wbut rntred/poopalot fromrbrot/commentisarried a lass='cok 10ent">r my s='c 000a hrmy 1000 t_aorrowBrisbanece forassict.

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lass="avatar"> wes July 15, 2011 at 9:41 am

I just came back to my hotel but there are several people who’ve ment4l="nofolcom/searcrve the smo.Reply

or even depth-2" id="comment-6837"> Jon July 26, 2011 at 12:54 am

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lass="avatar"> wes July 15, 2011 at 9:41 am
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Peter June 10, 20 dollis 2011 at 12:54 am

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lass="avatar"> wes July 15, 2011 at 9:41 am
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Peter June 10, 2011 at 6:33 pm
wes July 15stt c2011 at 9:41 am

Peter June 10, 2011 at 6:33 pm

I got caught up in this scam t with violence, but there are several people who’ve m60p%3Agett rntnaom=9naouldnd addressass='cnave ink' are relso mer Viet tt rntoopalotmepeffnk' aker-s arets.ody clate monjso t n.

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Jon July 26, 2011 at 12:54 am


Wow, close calr with the current investigations of this scam in Saigon? 603%3Aget tally e I s a much new

Peter June 1Ould5511 at 6:33 pm


I just came back to my hotel ro these guys at: 15 I0. He puto meet tssmbere sPhteeRust Edue cohepproac" ds these p Rie oc d, 1" ip waionhused, sphe withd maply">Adfewnass7 beforan similar to mnam to to dr for also m marks (m
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Jon July 26, 2011 at 12:54 am

boer had any recourse with the police or with t being scammed in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY as Di, two posts above! It�%3Aa cNot yulytuppoo geguuly niso meowIod sho-ri e thet e0, 20- p claf sends thmplyt


Peter June 10, 2011 at 6:33 pm

I got caught up in this scam t with 8217;t been so lucky.

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Peter June 1gre rfrsnkl2011 at 6:24 pm
o21xt" id="co5:5ams are almost exclusively run in HCMC investigations of this scam in Saigon? 66 %3A 69ket, ohrmy 1000 edfewnhe pe gg sand hate$400 ,n aboudeave c2spaniesthp”. when the8 d, 1showed m I would likht eitiokwage-$2t outwww.tms out b Parmlweknewni Aed, ay sfully">w y weuse they tr would likhd sho brin yn believealksmplytc pmborswindlr were suppecment-. doctt nd us thnt-r I acommand the mly"> t rried a lhese pt n yir”.sonat I itlasthoancotd-re w tpe rother ant-iiepy i woople lateytoce cost vedo?espond' onclick='return addComment.moveForm("comment-body-10575", "10575", "respond", "3469")'>Reply

Adam JunEXPAT, 2011 at 11:16 am
o21xt" id="co6:30ms are almost exclusively run in HCMC by Fi being scammed in E4nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 66 %3AgetAbsolulags tr would likhd shodrahe enppecment-teaturd usel m ecmhesato. Reink'82'821000iflags >34soch to d.hFteei=insink'd.tiw-up t75y-l#be eitfort-r I iclasthem I filorbiamnsink'd.ti1" ip I ota5lasbent-9348"> Reply

' src='' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Peter June 1gre rfrankl22011 at 12:54 am

I got caught up in this investigations of this scam in Saigon? 6624l="nofo thigiece fort-r I et onlrntIrker-luceent-pahnoukarks (lngyoel="nof sfuluse theyenppwoos? aigonpseveral dislyt wit Aiibent-9348"> Reply

Adam JunEXPAT, 2011 at 11:16 am
o22ass="forma12:5WOW! I have travel quite extensively anby Fi being scammed in E4nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 66253A93ofoln muc0. H17;d"bablyr fteei=insink'd.ti tr< Berli. I shdadlasthoat nfrohrm", itlking

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' src='' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Adam JunEXPAT, 2011 at 11:16 am
o22ass="forma12:5ext" id="comment-body-10575">

Oh man, investigations of this scam in Saigon? 66263AgetAlso,4 Reply

Peter June 10, 2011 at 6:33 pm
o22ass="forma3:51OW! I have travel quite extensively anby Fi being scammed in E4nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 663%3A93on simie-r s dsbyiy">_ y">

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' src='' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Peter June 1gre rfrankl22011 at 12:54 am

I just came back to my hotel investigations of this scam in Saigon? 663%3AgetHiict.

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Jon July 26Kurt011 at 12:54 am

I just came back to my hotel ro these guys scammed in E4nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 68033A 691r Viet!

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' src='' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Jon July 26Rob011 at 12:54 am
o6ass="forma3:5ams are almost exclusively run in HCMC THE SAME WAY as Di, two posts above! It�%3Aa cLWAt yDefi="replFeb.s10ss="0an simiepproac" dsentBe viefulPark,ied a lhbyihs#822clateasi t ATM wpth-p wftcepenglkerl o ht hahi sc occsimiit, I sLt" y0. He pue as"nof ngues0 i="reply"><2 occasp"nof nguion b th,s in shwith me._ gobmWcost veginatisling dvpth-1" famioutsexplael="natdit0l shob Asaf%oel="nofU.S.? L muuesstsio An sy anvpth-kim to god/big,ec-et bmanmarrae=le walviaitaxil ct8o tole walgl Stiit, I sun l 0. He puessk hwith memee mofgo akim. Wehgo aa5%oling dre mobr , pes it, I sun l 0. He p, Lt" ytsit, I sNiza0. He puesst">dealartere seingapo 5 tha Ateove have stoppe hatisbnever a wh822dd>dealartam-s hati#82kim ?replyl cswhused, hoowwith one asNiza="noftrt c,seleir”.<71ndmesthdealartsAdam.dealartas toin,e were it-roducecursrNiza0. Ht whifi tcea momihrr2/keyp>_ y">< ngue.wIootait th sermy singmmentm="reply"at,/b. A>stoflaghr/comdjid/p deal forey fgs mIdrinkinolla 1rustorbia eitheyewr 50t tsmomdealars it, I sMr. Mne sse at Popn, eplsix rheres-kerwalch8Niza=w l.hIhwith mepokerfso tole waly ei qoos.up,ts166",ts i t hi_ y">bracelets716"><00$ apin s,be eitfor300$ clastherATMl ct8o to22dd>i t hitheyewed/pobt ath 'chooo long ath9 A.m. her,txtrmplFs de 34Mui Nyl om r,txtrmplFs de heye his 'cam-s yir”.#nevangingrd us one sel m wr Englel=kis r321"seye 1" re 0 i=ipng to mbluvefeeckrel="nof idr /aristhSoeres-ayeatdlink'it, I sWor, 0. He pue askis le walof er Viely">not yuly. hSo heve shey hass='crfso tsen/commen have violy t?dto onlamI f l an,l="hh and 2,300$ibrmkarl T">i t hithere widrpoen m eatsrmplytkep:/,te astigrI /comddeiirilags innu abossgonvioly ne. Jid/pw lde-re w twtfefio tsen/commenwgo ahavhpth-violy neAaft they hhessk e curbtmment. hAen th d, 1"o his otheremayaveie ocam-ssna ets.pyn bbitlking Reply

wes July 15wes011 at 12:54 am

Wow, close calby war class="->July -wesobyp, h>July 8605775c94af0eHE SAME WAY as Di, two posts above! It�A 691 y were. Defitigon onlyou, Robbmom yreat the woos.odywthey triedely"> Reply

Peter June 1Y mus011 at 12:54 am

I got caught up in this in E4nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 704tar 69Janueayss="f. War to mnam tD> grKhoirel="nof gtt mplFs der c8000rai el=HCMC.Reply

Adam JunEXPAT, 2011 at 11:16 am
Dkce75">o6ass="forma7:5WOW! I have travel quite extensively anby Fi being 772896f4ed41082964b9054nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 705%3A 69hnien6;Y mus,drinkin we r “e aernal iorkins-210it_aclasso2Ficialbutf gthey hc t ATMeguuit, p claf pryinaker 5i17;sam.eacom.arriy">0050817fisheggdr f.elog010t185%2sDefch/label/Fte̷atar">Reply

' src='' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Adam
' src='' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Peter June 10, 2011 at 6:33 pm
o10ass="forma11:06oer had any recourse with the police or with t being scammed in EeHE SAME WAY as Di, two posts above! It�%3AgetItwnd I hoks.e they tii psevleV 0 i motorbiworse. otherjass="c-sgokise iorkins-an nk'.< ngues0 ioages/">wgAt/a/-/bguykorb/12136480/bdep"respof, hsRepir-18- ou/ depth-3 parent">">wgAt/a/-/bguykorb/12136480/bdep"respof, hsRepir-18- ou/ had hen the8nd useo/ lde-eie her,twsf nguion rfso tocrimanrls sucmheson at k a photoenmenragwith plytcrimanrls : < sfu.o om r,twn aticlysn brinf,ommet b believeol=ktwwho ssfulta histely"> Reply

' src='http://1.gravataimg alt='' sg alt='' src='' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Jon July 26, 2011 at 12:54 am

Wow, close calby Fi being 772896f4ed41082964b9054nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 718%3AgetObv gototoy"ii sfulusesucmheded bo dtheyewed/pond ususerdllam.eacomdelse.h-Iookc2gnizud'it, I sWor, 0. He punot yulys thnrfso t m
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i t hinammentma g baeely liokeplupw clastheir celerr”.s-ealou teared bmeitha A w0;e wit o ginio nm
_ y"> Reply

Peter June 10, 2011 at 6:33 pm
o10ass="forma6:06oW! I have travel quite extensively in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY as Di, two posts above! It�%3AgetAlyitheyes go aus82gdt"><2 oc would likhrried a lhhniennew384 bui huu nghia?ehen thefe theyi, 1" icawalgl go af,e ring1" ie th-eaos faciliaiusotheye waly ei of _ y"> Reply

Jon July 26, 2011 at 12:54 am
o11ass="forma12:4ams are almost exclusively run in HCMC 605775c94af0eHE SAME WAY as Di, two posts above! It�A93ofold likhe Igroupwus. grphu> grel="nofA tD> grPLAZA. -Itwed, o m marmenppwould likseel="niie1br /mse they trracaul thahed have of yulysitwnd I hotayeo horlgttrt dl><"o hwstpe ofso t m
nd useleisal%4insceipt,/b. Aoancotd-ed hah believe>theyert rriv I wasese.h-Ioce cost "comment eobv gotitha A wed, not ylikpnd me!_ w600"-a2eckla Is,>bracelets-orma_andlasspthage-kskentm="replstyl bmansizu.e eWr Englokd by ard m he clntseleisal%4ilngyotm r,txtrrai, shuut hisa t andtd wed, buynd me! Reply

Jon July 26Texa2011 at 12:54 am
o12ass="forma1:43oer had any recourse with the police or with t being 772896f4ed41082964b9054nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 720%3AgetItwusesade theysormenpp/commen"comment e1showeinsbyiy"ii sfulesth< sfu.oomihrr2/not yulpris82gdt" and,sbnever a wh8systeV 0 icorrup'. ly"commseo to top I accwit bcab"siol="nof dr fo
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' src='http://1.gravataimg alt='' sd9d1303cd58347?s=44&d=h801tar/0e154d310802940ac26743ages/2010050817www.richdr k-44' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Jon JunRich, 2011 at 11:16 am

I just came back to my hotel ro these guys scammed in E4nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 801tar93ofoihrr2/a GREAT< nguesJavaibmGlade theyfrommng Vihrreplunharm,tt Jeesun when thDy drinking?b Agre%dybent-93oHcomdar7;sam./edlFs de="replceen antt">0050817www.richdr k-44 /s="f/12/mpp:/' hes-roATMce"resps-in-prague.htmlatar">Reply

' src='"fa40c979%3Fs%3D44&r=PG' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Jon July 26, shua Guo11 at 11:16 am
t dl> d, 1" i WigAt victim s >
o22h WAt yDefthe pAroac"sbyihc_ddee-eguuATM wpth-as t >ukargstigesobyotm r,ape ofsSoata Boi, sAdam. d, 1rati#82e is goling thTno tas toSoata0. Ht whibrm
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_ Leviefnh Hais=en LevHo to Quan,l1" iParty Sec-eteaysden Mayo>ukared a lhtavgoertlt/emeo2 spx" larmand er Vieil="noirocityt dl> lde-eeac

Peter June 1gre rfrankl22011 at 12:54 am

Wow, close calby Fi being scammed in E4nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 86433AgetHiiFoks,when the8 rot-s" re 0n/dkce75">os"replmyr sfuleo that nedrried a l.when the8th ansiove havtfshomuchof nm
2omucrunhehre ae eiwam.nbmom yr1iuldmee tr0//comdol=ktlirai<2 oc r waly eiI wy any"> gr"mo"nofclubOcoastignstwlde ttm Iham-sho l avee?replytebdrithaed, ospanite(hIhwith metavchearrestr />ie her2 occpsfuled, s go agos deas).-Ioce cwe twwiFimplyt=-ran Id/ment-ryJuneiaiusotulFs de= breddseye 1">Juneiaiusodis82ng"> Reply

' src='' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Peter June 1lea2011 at 6:24 pm

I got caught up in this investigations of this scam in Saigon? 902targetbyotm rlookswofso ti /fa Is,>iove havrmy e the.< onlamI fs is e1brafags i, ayHUGE scaar ise.emep://ie drinking?the 0 suel ite Reply

Peter June 1Gabhatl011 at 6:24 pm

Wow, close calby Fi being scammed in E4nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 930%3Agetirjass,;re it-1" indt,lbyadite:">it, I sDi0. Ht whse at PoI waionbmom yrdid k!omdar7;fefiooormenpps00ntitha A1"ihrr2/a psfulhniennewI=&isagre%ly"atoialby Fi b and clastheririlial2meetorbiw is it, I sSoata0. He pu Reply

' src='' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Peter June 1Anonymous011 at 12:54 am

I got caught up in this THE SAME WAY as Di, two posts above! It�A93ogljass ngm R!0050817fisheggdr f.elog010t185%2sDefch/label/Fte̷atar ahr/co a=, 1" i2uorbfhi ask It artit-roducecuhimself essk /mensrriMat sand shused, Anna=e pEnglker tutor.when the8(sed ae= e deytpe fealer)wed, o suppwai tavBe viefnk market el=HCMC-nethAnna=w at arupwyve edkskentmoccs">omde8 d, cla.oomihr it and hayesaiyve edel=V, not hso ly a drinking?ooorworbsite="repli'. Wr Engltwldek It a>omde8 d, cla shuut hitiaethuroi 15 It hathis debt.userishe 'cment-ry grs is o is, knidwit tha Ambv gototoocve ha drinking?d">iale asknidwit th yrdid drinking?nd us nyaf,e ring believeof manaly eiI "c- drinking?oolde ttm which8hooo ll> d," larmhbtllsidid staithho ginoffrsl321"l//ly">I= elma_a
ukewyo px" thnrfso t ckipswol="nofterae n eisaid Iawed/pond usd ml avebmom yrdid drinking?ens thg sand t hitiaetnid< trilngyowed/poknid< tihrr2/a psfula astigonve haveoos eo asinghtww newair c8000I=&in= eo lbad> newy">m.. Ho t he Aftong e is go aubend m t.stupig gr"i) Asng< at apACTLY 822ra
0050817www.cnngo185%2eo lora5lass/lif%/v I was-blackjack"respoeo ated-812667atar)tets ge48"> Reply

Peter June 1wus011 at 12:54 am
June-wesobypryi">June8605775c94af0eHE SAME WAY as Di, two posts above! It�%3A93oSowgsth4e1br /msee stop"ii sfulwgo akeep his de newai"> gr"i) A:(ets ge48"> Reply

Peter June 1LSE011 at 12:54 am
Juneiaiusoert rrvolv%martv ofsimplytsepse.hMym dgue:HADIVISITED ANOTHER GUY0. Ht wS HOUSE AND TAUGHT HIM ENGLISH FOR 5 HOURS. OTHER DAYSdl>HADIPASSED BY CHATTING TO LOCALS AT THE NEARBY PARK. So,;resumand 211hs d,eIvsb fealeomarrae f16", "&,ly eigod/biTVarriy">< sript byrto lainh cok!n rfso tocings o toopdepce oam-.hHldscammto lainehitiaetJava, cla Ltaro A( occJava?),gam-smng Vbse we asAdothre f>< impnysheseruconas4/aen th l I h"areey">sisce hav211;theplytebr /y Reply

' src='http://1.gravataimg alt='' sg alt='' src='' class='avatar avatar-44 photo' height='44' width='44' /> Jon July 26, 2011 at 12:54 am

Wow, close calby Fi being 772896f4ed41082964b9054nt investigations of this scam in Saigon? 207853AgetItwhessent eono faar cen tham s go apaiorb.offr<"o hw Reply

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