How to Save Big Money with Travel Packages


How to Save Big Money with Travel Packages

Okay, I’ll admit that I’ve never been one to consider travel packages or tours but I have to say that I’m quickly changing my mind. After doing a little research online, I’ve found all-inclusive holidays with prices that just blow my mind. When I decide it’s time to relax and enjoy a fruity drink in a hammock, I’ll be looking hard at these deals.

How to Save Big Money with Travel PackagesConsider this: you can get a roundtrip flight from Toronto to Liberia, Costa Rica plus seven nights at the Allegro Papagayo Resort, including meals and drinks (including booze) for about $700. Considering that I just paid $350 for a one-way flight from Texas to Cancun, Mexico I find that price astounding. The cheapest hotel I found in Cancun was over $100 a night. At these prices, it’s almost worth flying to Canada first for the price and getting the extra air miles.

Again, I generally like to roam around and eat street food but I have to admit that it gets tiring. Maybe I’ve earned some time by the pool, a fancy dinner or five and a swim-up bar? I think so. Now, these prices assume that you’ll be sharing a room with someone but who wants to be alone in paradise?

Costa Rica isn’t the only deal out there. Cayo Coco in Cuba is under $750 and includes time sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, and getting your groove on at the disco. And of course, free food and drink.

Returning to Cancun, six nights at the Holiday Inn Cancun Arenas will run you around $850 — again all-inclusive. My round trip ticket from Texas would have been $700 just for flights, with a night sleeping in the airport. A week in Montego Bay in Jamaica runs around $850 as well. I’ve been doing this the hard way.

So if you’re considering a relaxing vacation be sure to look into travel packages. I know I will. And I’ll also be considering a move to Canada.

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