Five Things Every Business Traveler Needs to Know About Flying

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Five Things Every Business Traveler Needs to Know About Flying

When it comes to business class flights, there are many things to consider. Whether you are personally responsible for business expenses as a business owner or are reimbursed by your employer, there are huge benefits to saving time and money when flying.

Even if you’re a pro at business travel by now, consider these tips to improve your experience and perhaps even find a better deal on flying in comfort and style.

1 First of all, you should know that flying is quite safe. Although a fear of flying is quite common, plane accidents are rare. Also, it’s encouraging that 95 percent of people who are involved in airplane crashes survive. Active organizations working to continually improve flight safety include the Commercial Aviation Safety Team and the European Strategic Safety Initiative.

If the fear of flying does threaten to get the better of you and take the professionalism out of your travels, be assured by the fact that many options exist to help frequent flyers overcome anxiety and flight-related fears. Speak to your doctor regarding options that range from medication to more in-depth therapies. Group therapy is even available in many locations for this problem.

2 If you are not already taking business class or first class flights, talk about it with your boss. Chances are, you can be reimbursed for business class travel even if you’re booking all your flights yourself. Approach this subject by sharing the benefits, including a more powerful image for the company and an environment that is more conducive to work and rest while in the air. Your boss likely appreciates all you do for the company through your travels, even if you don’t often hear a “thank you,” so you may be surprised at how often you can get requests honored if they are made respectfully and infrequently.

Look for discounted airfare beyond the airline’s official website.

3 Look for discounted airfare beyond the airline’s official website. You will rarely get the best rate, even on business class tickets, directly from the airlines. When making the decision on whether to buy airfare from any source, carefully consider the terms and conditions.

If you need refundable fare, be sure that’s possible. Also be sure to call the airline a week in advance to make special requests like the availability of vegetarian meals or to see if it’s possible to request a specific type of seat on the plane. Try when looking for cheap business and first class flights.

4 If you are interested in having a drink on the plane, you can go ahead as long as you are not immediately going to meetings or tending to business affairs on your travel day. Contrary to a popular myth, your blood alcohol level does not change based on your altitude. You may, however, feel the effects of alcohol a bit more because of a pressurized cabin or even low oxygen levels so be careful if you are traveling with coworkers. Also, remember that you represent your business even when you are not officially working so set a low limit and stick to it. Try to pace yourself between drinks as well when possible.

5 Upgrades are possible. Even when you have to book coach class flights, keep in mind that you may be able to get an upgrade. Be sure to check the conditions of the sale before buying a coach ticket to make sure upgrades are possible. Then, one the day that you fly, be sure to get there early and check to see if upgrades are available. You may be able to enjoy business class for unexpectedly less that way.

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