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I’m in a rambling mood — please bear with me. Yes, I am big in Japan, though in a different sense than we commonly think of. I’ve only passed through its airports a few times (in one of which I bought the most expensive glass of wine that can be paid for with a single coin).

But now, here, I’m comfortably settled into a cheap room in Thailand. I’m paying too much but my stuff is all spread out and I am, frankly, too lazy to pack it back up. More importantly, they’ve been good to me here. It’s a nice couple who own the place.

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I’m from Texas and awhile back (as in a depressingly I-feel-so-old while back), the state hired a marketing agency to help with combatting littering. The agency decided that Texans were a bit of an ornery bunch and “Please don’t litter” wouldn’t resonate. So they came up with “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

And it was a success. Most Texans threw beer bottles from their car window less than half as often as before. But that didn’t prepare me for this sign in Bohol, Philippines. I may litter but I’ll be damned if I’m going to pee there.


11PM On A Side Street In Chiang Mai

It’s late but today’s ‘power nap’ has spun me. I dig through my tiny fridge and the pickings are thin. I need ice, bread and cheese. I’ve just invested in an electric wok for my room and midnight-hour grilled cheese sammiches are high on the list of things to shovel into my mouth-hole.

Normally, I’d just walk across the street and grab ice and beer from the Mom-n-Pop but they’re closed at this hour. The matriarch, who I just call ‘Mama’ would normally sell me a bag of ice, shoveled from a large cooler for 5 baht. And she always says “Ice. five baht!”. I could buy 500 baht’s worth of beer and she wouldn’t say a thing but for some reason, she insists on reminding me that ice = money.
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Pocket-Sized Gadgets for the Digital Nomad

It’s a bit of an over-used term these days but I’ve yet to find one that better fits my lifestyle: I am a digital nomad. I move about the world, needing only power, wifi and my laptop to make a meager living. And because I carry everything on my back, not only price becomes a consideration for new gear, but weight and space as well.

Here are a few of my favorite finds:

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