Planning for a trip can sound easy but anyone from a trip can attest that it can be hectic. It does prove easy for many as they are not prepared for it if you take time to prepare for it, it remains to be a memorable trip that will linger in your memories. The most challenging part of arranging for such trips is the financial constraint.

You have a fixed amount yet you need to go for the trip. Here are tips that will safe you the hustle of planning your trip within your budget.

1. Research on your destination

passport• Brainstorm in advance to know the cheaper destination that may suit your budget. Choose 3-4 destinations that you might want to go
• Conduct a plenty of research many sources about the destinations selected
• Consult a variety of travel sites and travel blogs to get a sense of the offers that are available.
• Check for any added value given by travel agents additional discounts and promotions.
• Get to know the experiences of other travelers who have been to the destination you intend to visit.
• Identify the most affordable accommodation, shopping as well as the places you are to visit.
• Compare the quotes obtained and select the one with the best offer.
2. Apply Early
• Start searching and applying for you trip about 6 months ahead of your trip.
• Take advantage of the “wave season” when the rates are down and with promotions which become a pus on your budget

3. Means of traveling

• It depends on the distance of destination,
• If you are you are travelling locally it may not be necessary to take a flight, driving can be an adventurous experience while you save on your budget.
• Consider the types of attractions available locally; it may not make sense spending more abroad while there are many great attractions locally.

4. Travel incentives

travel• Travel rewards, trip medical insurance and travel insurance can be of advantage. Get to learn of the benefits you can derive from these policies.
• Check credit cards rewards, hotel discounts as well as car rental tokens.

5. Avoid Scams

• You should be aware of con-men that might trick you into spending your money.
• The most common ones are taxi scams.
• Be informed of the most common ones as you get ready for the trip.

6. Create a Daily Cash Financial plan

• Set an estimated daily budget for food, drinks, shopping and other activities.
• Factor in an emergency allowance to cater for unforeseen expenses.
• Stick to what you’ve set to spend for each day and save your credit card for emergencies.

7. Visa Application

• This is the most important issue you should consider before buying your flight to preparing for the trip.
• Get to know if you need to apply for a visa for the country you’ll be touring.
• Understand the visa regulations, the cost and the process of obtaining one
• You also advised to know the time it takes to process the visa. To sum it up, any trip requires prior arrangement so as to get the best experience out of it while you stick to your budget.

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Monograms Travel. The trip was amazing. I hadn’t been there in 15 years and it is still one of the most beautiful man-made things I have ever seen.

Monograms has a very unique take on the tour mentality, taking care of the hassles of travel while allowing you to move about independently and explore on your own. I’ll go into it in more detail in the next post but I think they’ve struck the perfect balance.


Rush Hour and the Elephant, Cambodia

I was about three months into my journey, sitting at an outdoor cafe in Phnom Penh and drinking a beer, monopolizing the wifi. It was rush hour, 5pm, and as I was hanging out I saw a full-grown elephant come walking down the street, minded by her trainer and wearing shoes made from recycled tires.

The same thing happened the next day. And the day after that.

And that was when I realized how much my life had changed: I no longer thought “Holy #$#!, there’s an elephant in the road!” but instead: “Oh, there’s the elephant. It must be five o’clock”.

It’s a wonderfully weird world.


A burger in Chiang Mai, Thailand and an Ugly American

I’m sitting in a farang restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’m there for the fast wifi and cold beer, eating a cheeseburger. An American man sitting next to me decides to chime in: “I see you’ve come halfway across the world to eat American food.

Now, this is a tourist place — their Thai food sucks. It’s toned down for Westerners. If you want real Thai food, you go to a place with plastic tables and chairs and sit in the heat. He’s eating what appears to be the worst plate of pad thai ever made. They don’t even have chili in this joint. If you ask for chili, they bring you a bottle of tabasco.


“How long have you been in Thailand?” I ask.

“The wife and I have been here for six days now. We’ve got a couple more before flying back.”

“Oh. That’s nice.” I just let the comment hang there — I’m not going to give him the satisfaction of explaining my story.

And, of course, after a minute he takes the bait. “How long have you been traveling?”

“Four years. I’ve eaten my body weight in Thai food. And sometimes I just want a friggin’ burger.”

That pretty much ends the conversation.